Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Hot New Blog Site Goes Down
Rumors Abound of Corporate Fraud At

BEDFORD (AP) The popular site went down earlier today. Although no one is sure why, some speculate that Chris Moesel, owner and CEO of has been "taking part in fraudulent behaviour." Most people agree that this probably means that Moesel was too lazy to actually do the books for this aspiring business. A small contingent of the population, however, believes that this supposed "fraudulent" behaviour has nothing to do with book-keeping at all.

"I'm pretty sure there ain't no Chris Moesel at all," says Hingus Martin, one of the few people who don't believe the corporate fraud theory. " is actually owned and run by a man named Rupert Halloway, but the demand for the rights to is so high that he masquerades as Chris Moesel, since was freely available... I've got my eye on you, Rupert."

Evidence suggests, however, that may be in financial trouble, as it switched its main server today to a free, ad-based service at Inside sources say Moesel is doing his best to bring back to its ad-free state, but it may take up to 2 weeks. More details to follow.


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